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What We Do

We offer a world class, life preparation, academic and career guidance course for young adults, approximately ages 16-24. Each course is a brief five week night program, meeting one time per week and based in Westfield, Indiana. We also offer students the ability to attend online if they cannot join in person or live in another region.

Our initial "Compass" course is designed to help young adults:

- develop a custom education and career plan 

- find success in academics

- identify necessary colleges, trade schools or technical institutions   

- become a better communicator

- become successful and do well in life with honor

All courses are led exclusively by successful business owners who also have US Marine, US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), or have high-ranking US military experience. 


Our First Courses Begin On Jan 2, 2024. Select 2024 Courses That Fit Your Schedule. (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays) Attend in person or virtually.

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About us

Champion's Path is veteran owned company based in Westfield, Indiana. We offer an affordable, world-class, life preparation and career guidance course for young adults.

(approximately ages 16-24)


Our courses are taught by successful business owners, all of whom have US Marine, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), or high level US military experience.


Our primary course "Compass Level 1" consists of five sessions (with one private follow-up session), meeting one evening per week at night from 6-8:15PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.


We also offer students the ability to attend online if they cannot attend in person or live in another region.  

More About Us

We teach and lead young adults to their next steps in life. Specifically, we'll help them determine which college, vocational school, military or civilian career is right for them in their unique next steps in life.


Over this five week period, we'll help ground each young adult in foundational principals of success needed for academics, careers and for life's journey.  We'll also help students identify their career interests and help them develop a custom academic and career strategic plan! This plan will help each student identify appropriate academic majors, vocations or training skill institutions that are a fit for their specific plan. After building their custom academic and career strategic plan with our instructors and other students, each young adult will use this plan and Champion's Path resources to help find the right schools, careers and companies in their desired field. 


At Champion's Path, we understand that many young adults struggle with communication, are overly engaged with their phone and have limited social skills.  Many also struggle to develop a realistic plan for what they will do after high school or college. We also know that for young adults finding an appropriate direction, identifying opportunity and successfully making big life decisions can be overwhelming. 

Career Guidance Course for Young Adults Westfield, In.

We understand the types of challenges that young adults will face in the future and we take them through a process which gives them a tangible, tailored, practical next steps life plan to pursue upon graduation.

It's also important to note that young adults upon graduation from our "Compass Level 1" course will meet with some of our program sponsors, to include college admissions specialists, vocational school specialists and military recruiters who are interested in meeting and working with Champion's Path graduates. Students will also compete for scholarships provided by participating sponsors.

If you are a parent, grandparent or have a young adult who is struggling and you are concerned that they will not identify or select a profession or be happy with their life’s journey, then enroll your young adult in our Compass Level 1 Course NOW! WE CAN HELP! 



Frequently Asked Questions  

If you are wondering if our Compass Level 1 Course is right for you or your young adult, please see the following questions and FAQ's.

Is your young adult facing these questions:


  • What am I going to do with my life?

  • What is success in life?

  • What do I need to change about myself to have success in life?

  • How do I ensure that I have useful skills and career choices that lead to success in life?

  • How do I prepare to take care of or help others in my family?

The Compass Level 1 course is for a wide variety of young adults, from the

"D" Student, to the athlete, to lost person out of school in a job they don’t like, to the valedictorian and anyone in between.  As long as you are ready to actively participate and are willing to make changes to improve your life, our Compass Level 1 course is for you!


We are based in Westfield, Indiana (Just North of Indianapolis)

Course Fee Options

NOTE: For the 2024 Winter Semester and the 2024 Early Spring Semester, registered students will receive a special $50 INTRODUCTORY COURSE FEE DISCOUNT! You will see this discount in the appropriate registration links.

IN PERSON ATTENDANCE: $355 Includes: course fee AND private post-graduation meeting.


ONLINE ATTENDANCE: $375 Includes: course fee and private post graduation meeting. This option permits the student to attend online.


PAYMENT PLAN IN PERSON ATTENDANCE: $375 Includes 3 payments of $125, 1 payment for 3 consecutive weeks: This option permits the course fee to be broken into three payments and includes course fee & private post-graduation meeting.


PAYMENT PLAN ONLINE ATTENDANCE: $375 Includes 3 payments of $125, 1 payment for 3 consecutive weeks: This option permits the course fee to be broken into three payments and covers course fee, online attendance fee & private post-graduation meeting.

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